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03.06.2011 - The Launch of

After remaining barren for years, this website has finally been launched with slightly less barebones content! Woohoo! Isn't it just lovely veneer for my Software Developer resume?

Eventually this site might become a bit more grand... perchance it could be the launch page for one of the ephemeral-enthusiastic ideas that sift through my brain. Or perhaps it will become a wonderful online resource for all your ghettofix programming needs, a website that'd truly make proud the slogan: "When you need that quick fix now." Yeah, now that'd be something.

But realistically, for now, it's just gonna be mediocre copy, my own domain to stash my resume, a place to teach Tessa html/css/js, and occasionally do a pet project or play with some of my employer Nuance's programs. Enjoy.

- The Walrus

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